Lehn Kessen is a French music producer, sound engineer, singer and songwriter.

He started hearing the need of music when he was 7 years old, when he took his mom’s cassette player, at the time, and started listening to US type of songs to simply learn English, as this was the music he was going after.

On his first job salary at the age of 14 years old, he bought himself his first keyboard and self educated himself into music theory. He started working in different youths clubs.

All his moves were toward the music direction as he was always carrying his keyboards, computer, mic to have the kids working on music, writing etc.

Lehn had the chance to travel to the United States of America with his younger brother, where he could meet the Gospel atmosphere, for him it was like meeting Jodeci, Kelly Price, Fantasia Barrino every Sunday.

Kessen was proud to have his first records recorded there with up coming artist that he had the chance to work for.

Now Lehn keeps his way into breaking the walls of the music industry.